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Logitech is a Swiss company, its headquarter lies in Lausanne, Switzerland and American headquarter in Newark, California. It mainly manufactures personal computers and other accessories like keyboards, mouse etc.

The Craft is a keyboard manufactured by Logitech, the current price is $200 approx. This keyboard gives a premium typing experience and very good tool for professionals. The unique input Dial, the “Crown” present on the keyboard can be used in many apps for Microsoft Windows OS and Apple Mac OS. It can be mainly used in apps like Photoshop CC, Illustrator CC, Premiere Pro CC, MS PowerPoint and etc. Besides the use in apps, the Crown can also be used to change functions by just gently tapping it and touch it to access the functions instantly.

The Typing experience is awesome in the Logitech’s Craft. Every keystroke flows gently creating an impact on the mind. The built qualities of the keys are of high standard. They are built accordingly to our fingertips need as they are spherically dished with a matte coating over it. The edges give a nice feedback after pressing a key. All essential things are built proficiently to glide our fingers while typing. The backlighting adds some extra beauty to the typing experience. The backlighting provided with Craft is not usual it is advanced lighting system by which when a user’s hand comes close to the keyboard the lights lit up and when the hand goes far they again get lit down. This special feature makes the backlighting of the keyboard unique and also saves power. The brightness of the lights gets adjusted automatically according to the intensity of the light present in the surrounding.

The Craft is wireless so works on a rechargeable battery. The battery life of the keyboard stays for one week if charged once. The battery life indicator will glow red when the keyboard would be out of charge. The battery life depends on how much you use the crown (the dial) and the backlighting.

Personalization is the great thing that can also be done in the Logitech’s Craft keyboard. The official software helps you to personalize your keyboard according to your needs. You can assign shortcuts and do much more settings by using it.

The pricing of the keyboard is high in comparison to latest gaming or mechanical keyboards, but you absolutely get worth the value of the price you pay for this keyboard. Inch-inch of the keyboard looks very classy, the typing experience is like gliding in the heavens, the extra beauty is provided by smart power saving backlighting and supports multi-operating system. For a good work experience, we need good tools, this device can be very useful for the professionals who type a lot. You can continuously work with this keyboard without getting easily tired. There is a pure feedback every time you press an individual key and fingertips fits the keys very accurately giving a better grip. If I share the experience of Logitech’s Craft keyboard in a nutshell then it is the Ultimate Keyboard for Professionals.

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