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Android Based Industrial Fault Monitoring System

This system is made up of two sensors which include an LPG gas sensor and a temperature sensor. Anytime one of these sensors crosses the threshold level, a warning intimation will be sent to an Android device using the Bluetooth technology. At the same time, a buzzer will be turned on.

Components and Their Functions

1.   LPG Gas Sensor

This is used to help in detecting gas leakages. It is suitable for sensing, propane, isobutane, and LPG gas. It is made in such a way that it has a high sensitivity and also responds very fast. It is made up of a sensor that is fixed under a steel mesh which functions as the protection.

2.   Temperature Sensor

This component measures temperature in the room. It utilizes electrical signals to detect the temperature in a room. Thermistors are used in sensing the temperature. A thermistor changes its electrical resistance depending on the amount of temperature to which it has been exposed to. There are two types of thermistors. These include:

  • The Negative Temperature Coefficient thermistor – This is usually abbreviated as the NCT. It will decrease its electrical resistance when exposed to a temperature increase.
  • The PTC (Positive Temperature Coefficient thermistor) – This will increase the electrical resistance when the temperature increases.

3.   ADC

This stands for Analog to Digital Converter circuit. These are required in order to help in converting analog signals into digital signals. In the majority of the cases, ADCs will be connected to microprocessors in order to enhance data conversion.

4.   LCD Display

LCD is an abbreviation for Liquid Crystal Display. It is a screen that is used to display digital data. This usually works by blocking light. An electric current that passes through the liquid will align the crystals and hence block the light. This will display digital data.

5.   Relay

This is a switch that is operated electrically. An electromagnet is usually created by passing current through a coil. This electromagnet will attract a lever which will change switch contacts. The relay is triggered to complete a circuit by the sensors.

6.   The Buzzer

This is a device that uses audio to signal in case the sensors detect anything. A buzzer will emit a beeping sound everytime the output is higher than normal.

7.   Encoder

This is used to convert information from one format to the other. It is usually a binary converter.

8.   Bluetooth Receiver

Bluetooth is a technology that is wireless and allows for the transmission and receipt of data over short distances. It has the ability to cover a radius of about 10 meters. It can pair with two to eight devices at a time. This technology is energy and cost-effective. It enables the user to get access to the information in a form in which he or she can view and listen to.

Benefits of an Android-Based Industrial Fault Monitoring system

  • Long Life.
  • Low power consumption.
  • It is easy to install.
  • Low maintenance and installation costs.
  • You can monitor it from different locations.
  • It saves on physical work and time.

This monitoring system has its applications in factories, mines, industrial areas, power grids, and power plants.

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